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Books about the Bell Witch legend of Tennessee


This page contains information about Pat Fitzhugh's books on the Bell Witch legend.  Click each link or graphic for a full description and ordering instructions.


Available Titles

The Bell Witch: The Full Account

The Bell Witch : The Full Account - Pat Fitzhugh, The Armand Press, 2000; revised 2003.  406 pages; paperback and eBook (PDF). $21.95 (US) + 3.75 S&H for paperback, $12.95 (US) for eBook.

"The most documented, thorough, and complete account of the legend ever written." 

Traces the legend from pre-haunting until present-day, including all three separate state versions.  Includes footnotes, research notes, endnotes, pictures, charts, table of contents, and index. If you are interested in learning more about the legend, this book is for you!

Get It!

The Bell Witch - Our Family Trouble

Our Family Trouble - The Bell Witch - Personal Eyewitness Account of Richard Williams Bell, 1846.  Reprint by The Armand Press, 2002. Foreword by Pat Fitzhugh.  78 pages; eBook (PDF) only.  $9.00 (US).



The Bell Witch Haunting

The Bell Witch Haunting - Pat Fitzhugh, The Armand Press, 1999.  120 pages; paperback and eBook (PDF). $8.50 (US) + S&H.


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