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Bell Witch Essays


The fiction and speculation surrounding the Bell Witch legend have been in a constant state of evolution and chaos since the early 1800s, making it difficult to put many key elements into perspective.

Adding to the confusion are many accounts of the legend that purport to be the only "true" or "authentic" version, basically implying that all other accounts are lacking.  Analyzing the many "authentic" yet oft-conflicting accounts yields more questions than answers, and the casual Bell Witch fan is left wondering, "what should I believe?"

What someone chooses to believe is entirely up to them; however, I feel that people should acquaint themselves with the basic facts of a situation before chiseling their beliefs in stone; i.e., everyone has the right to an informed opinion.

The collection of essays that follows is intended to provide a broader understanding of the legend and a base from which to work when searching for answers.  Emphasis is placed on the historical aspects because the folklore aspects (e.g., Dean being turned into a mule; Bell Witch singing to Lucy Bell, etc.) can not be proved.

This section is a working set of pages and always under construction.  Updates are made as time permits.  Underlined essay titles are currently available.


  • The Bell Witch of Mississippi

  • John Bell and Josiah Fort (the actual property line dispute that is often talked about)

  • Was There Really a The Kate Batts Connection?

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