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Private Property

"Respecting the Rights of Others"


The Bell Witch Site receives many inquiries about visiting Bell Witch-related landmarks in and around Adams, Tennessee -- most notably, the old Bell farm and graveyard.  The original John Bell farm consisted of 328 acres.  It has been divided numerous times since the early 1800s. The section where the house, well, and cemetery were located is still one tract of land, and we refer to it simply as "the old Bell farm," although it is but a small portion of the original farm.  Please read and understand the following:

  • The old Bell farm is on private property that is owned by a private foundation, and permission must be obtained from them to visit the place.

  • The Bell Witch Site's (the web site) owner does not own the old Bell property and is not a member of the private foundation that owns it.  Do not ask The Bell Witch Site for permission to enter it; we have no ownership or governing interest in the property, and therefore are not authorized to make decisions regarding it.

  • Out of respect for their privacy, we will not divulge the owners' names or contact information.  If you feel  the need to visit the private property (as opposed to the public areas that are Bell Witch-related), please locate the proper parties and ask them for permission.

  • The Bell Witch Site does not condone illegal or unethical activity of any kind, including but not limited to trespassing on the land of others.

Some parts of the original land (but not where the house, well, and graveyard were located) are open to the public at certain times.  Information about those places can be found on the Attractions page.  Area history can be found on the Adams page.

Always obtain permission before entering private property. Determine the appropriate person(s) to ask, plead your case, and accept the decision you are given.  Be honest about why you want to enter their property, and be respectful of them. 

Gravestone of Calvin Johnston of Bell Witch fame

Remember mortal man, as you pass by;
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so you must be;

Prepare for death, and follow me.

The Epitaph from the gravestone of Daniel Calvin Johnston, who was a prominent citizen of the Red River Settlement, a friend of the Bells, and thought to be the only man with whom "Kate" shook hands.  Source:  The Bell Witch: The Full Account, p. 325.

A gravestone is more than just a body marker; it is an eternal tribute to the life of someone who once walked the earth just as we do now.  The grave itself is where the deceased or their family believed they could spend eternity, in peace and with respect. Treating graveyards with respect is just a matter of common sense. There is an infinite list of disrespectful acts that have been committed against  gravestones and graveyards. All we are asking is that if/when you visit a cemetery, please don't get so wrapped up in your visit that you lose sight of the fact that real people are buried there.  It's not a social, a party, or a disco.

Pictures, EVPs, and the like, when done with permission, cause no harm; but activities that go beyond that often create problems. Most of the paranormal investigation groups we have met have been honest, ethical, and responsible.

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