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The legend of the Bell Witch is different from many legends because it involved real people --  people like you and me.  They worked, played, laughed, and cried, just as we do.  They had hopes and dreams, just as we do.  Some succeeded in life, and others failed, just as is the case today.  They walked the exact same land that many of us have walked in our lifetimes, but two centuries earlier. 

Perhaps the biggest difference between them and us is the reign of terror they were forced to endure, of which there was no escape.  These men and women, some of the most powerful and influential of their time and area, now rest peacefully -- many in unmarked graves surrounded by hills, forests, weeds, highways, and tobacco fields.  These people are long gone, but not forgotten.  Their legacies lives on -- here.

Click a person's name to learn more about them.  For detailed information on the entire legend, characters, places and events, order your signed copy of the book.


John Bell (1750-1820) Lucy Bell (1770 - 1837)
Jesse Bell (1790 - 1843) John Bell, Jr. (1793 - 1862)
Drewry Bell (1796 - 1865) Esther Bell (1800 - 1859)
Zadok Bell (1803 - 1826) Betsy Bell (1806 - 1888)
Richard Bell (1811 - 1857) Joel Bell (1813 - 1890)
Joshua Gardner (1800 - 1887) Rev. Sugg Fort (1776 - 1829)
Rev. James Gunn (1772 - 1845) Rev. Thomas Gunn (1770 - 1859)
James Johnston (1759 - 1851) John Johnston (1783 - 1874)
Calvin Johnston (1796 - 1859) Dean (Dates Unknown)

Richard Rowell Ptolomy Powell (1795 - 1848)